"I choose to inspire and support the photographic community by passing on my knowledge, passion & Skills"
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  Now Booking COVID Friendly Photography Workshops Include Zoom Editing Sessions. 

Brian Northmore Landscape and Outdoor Photographer

Photography has added so much value to my life. It's taken me to new places, introduced me to new experiences and people. And through it, I developed a deep appreciation of our outdoor spaces, National Parks, countryside and coast.

I want to share the Landscape photography process with you. Pressing the shutter button is a tiny part of it. If you or you know someone who would like to learn photography, a workshop is a great place to start. You can join me as a complete beginner to learn how to master your camera.

Like many of you I have made friends and learned new skills being involved with the amazing global photographic community online, and through camera clubs in the UK. It's a privilege to be accepted into your clubs to share experiences, view, and critique your work.

A Fine Art Photographic Print is more than a picture. It is an interpretation of the natural world that surrounds us. A Dialogue between the photographer and the landscape, a conversation that you become part of when you own the piece. A Limited Edition Fine Art Print is a private conversation limited to a few select individuals.

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 Happy Halloween, Guy Fawkes & All That

It's hard to believe that we have reached are passing these annual milestones already but it’s true. And I'm pleased that my photography is in keeping with the seasonal changes and has passed, approaches and fears its own seasonal changes. This month we have passed the 500 Subscriber Milestone on YouTube and as I write we sit at 513. But as winter approaches and with other commitments taking up more time growth has inevitably slowed, I rely on your support to pass on the word and keep the channel moving forward.

In recognition of my supporter's efforts and as a thank you for continued encouragement. I'm offering you all a Free E-Book. It's in the final stages of production, and its release is imminent. I'm not going to post the free offer on any open forums if you want a copy you need to have subscribed to my newsletter:

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The book is a collection of some of my favourite landscape photographs, and it's my own personal celebration of the landscape that I have been privileged to go out and enjoy. I started with an offer from a printing company with a very generous discount voucher to produce a photo book. It was the subject of one of this months videos which you want to watch

My delivery of ZOOM lectures continues and I'm starting to think about next year. it seems restrictions will continue so if you are interested in a ZOOM Lecture book now. I will be emailing several hundred clubs at the end of this month offering them next years programme so get in early.

Uncovered Real Landscape Photography On YoutubeI want to end this months video with a simple message “Stay Safe” I narrowly avoided a serious injury this month. Ill will say no more you can watch this video

Hope you enjoy this month's photographs Get out. Get creative and enjoy your photography.


A Few of my favourite images this month


Black and White Photograph Broken Fence and Beach TreeSouth Devon Coast SunriseHisley Bridge Dartmoor