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Improving Creativity In Nature

Brambles and Dead Bracken


Do your think photography is art? I am sure that every time you take a photograph you express something. You may have been inspired by an event, a stunning location, or weather conditions. But for some reason, you were compelled to make the image. When you take your photography seriously you will without any doubt face the disappointment of not being able to find something to capture. And it gets frustrating because if you look around there are subjects everywhere. So the problem can’t be a lack of subjects - so why do we find it so hard?Twisted VinesThe problem isn’t the location or the camera, but we spend 1000’s changing both. Justifying the cost by claiming that our photography will be improved. In reality, there was no improvement it just seemed that way for a short time.

I believe creativity works like a muscle. Think of a creative block as only being able to perform restricted actions with our muscles, lifting, moving and stretching in one direction. If we keep doing the same exercises we will be limited. If we only train for a 100-meter sprint, faced with a mile we will come away disappointed, and a little bruised. Just like any other muscle if we keep doing the same thing our photography will suffer.

You need to get creatively fit, to do that you need to exercise your creativity. It doesn’t need to be painful. You don't need to go way out of your comfort zone, you just want to stretch it a little. Looking deeper and longer at the landscapes we pass through. Look with an intent to see and understand the complex relationships between elements right before you. Set yourself small goals, such as photographing textures, colours, and shapes for example. You choose but open your mind to other possibilities.


Join me on location where I look for Art in Nature. Looking at the way the world around us arranges itself creating contrasting forms, textures and colours or harmony. I’m pleased with the results, and by the end of this exercise, I can testify that I was finding it easier to pick out potential subjects.

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