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Leaf And Waterfall

 "Using natural movement in the landscape as a methody of abstraction during image making"

Leaf & Waterfall Study

The Dartmoor Impressions collection is a departure from my traditional Black and White Landscape photography work. I. struggled to connect with colour photography until I stopped thinking about the subject, it’s structure, form textures and compositions. Leaving all of these restraints behind I am only focused on the colour and light. I have been using camera movement as a form of abstraction, but I have always been attracted to water in my compositions, enjoying the contrast between the static and moving elements in the landscape.

I have been looking for a subject that has its own movement, creating its own abstraction and impressionistic feeling. Walking along the Colly Brook recently I stopped too look at the waterfall, I eventually I settled on the Leaf and Waterfall study. The image was easy to take once it had been seen. With the camera locked steady on the tripod the only movement recorded was from the landscape itself. The water looked likely soft cotton wool. In the first exposure the contrast between the leaf and water was too great detracting from the soft light feel I was trying to create. Exposing for the highlights in the photograph allowed the image to take on a light airy feel. In Photoshop a little desaturation and glamour glow enhanced the effect.