Landscape Photography

Landscape photography is my first passion when it comes to photographic subjects. To be good at any genre of photography the subject needs to inspire you; photographing the landscape does this for me. The process of intimately exploring the landscape through photography involves the creation of physical and emotional bonds with the subject. Not only do you have to walk and exist in the landscape, your, vision, smell and touch are all engaged to produce an emotional response.

With landscape photography I start with the end in mind. Pre-visualising the completed photograph framed, or as a canvas, acrylic block or digital image. I look for interesting lighting and contrasts between texture, shapes, and motion in the landscape creating a composition and exposure that will allow the photograph to tell you what inspired me to take and share the landscape with you.

These are a few examples of my landscape photographs

The Boat Sheds On Lindisfarne

Monochrome Landscape Photograph of Boat Sheds On LindisfarneThese upturned and converted hulls have stood on Lindisfarne of many years. They are an iconic feature of the Holy Island and are the subject of many Landscape Photographers visiting the area. When faced with an iconic of over photographed subject I try to make it my own. I have adopted my trademark low viewpoint, interesting foreground, monochrome and careful control of highlight and shadow. This landscape photograph only shows a small element of the island and yet manages to capture the essence of the harbour, with rusty anchor, iconic upturned boat and marine bric-a-brac.

Aira Beck Waterfall

Aira Beck Waterfall A Black and white landscape photographLandscape photography is not always about the big picture and wide angle views, it can also convey the landscape equally well with photographic studies of intimate details. This Black and White Landscape is about contrast in texture, between the flowing water and hard rocks, the light reflecting of the surface of the wet rock enhances its hard texture and brings the landscape at our feet closer to you.

Hisley Bridge

Colour Landscape Photograph Hisley BridgePhotographing woodland scenes of soft gentle lighting filtered by a green canopy of ancient woodland is best left to overcast days. There is just enough light to add a sheen to some of the wet boulders. The dark peaty waters are smoothed by the slow shutter speed enhancing the “S” curve that leads the viewers eye to the Packsaddle Bridge.

Wembury Beach

Colour Landscape Photograph of Wembury BeachLandscape Photography is about controlling exposure and making the best use of natural light. Take away the dramatic lighting in this landscape and you still have a “nice” photograph. The addition of the setting sun just behind the Mew Stone highlighting the edges of the rocks as the stream tumble down the beach, captures the your attention asking them to explore the landscape.

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