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  Now Booking COVID Friendly Photography Workshops Include Zoom Editing Sessions. 

Looking For a Photography Lecturer & Judge For Your Club?

Its never easy filling your club program, a daunting task for the program secretary and committee - it doesn’t matter if you are representing a photography club or trying to fill evening slots at the local village hall. I know, I’ve served on committees and have been part of the process.

Selecting a photography judge or lecturer for your camera club is not as simple as it sounds. You need to find the right match for your club. To make it easy for you there is a lot of information on this page. If you need more check out Youtube and social media, and of course - just contact me.

I have a range of talks available, that I would be delighted to present, and hopefully start a long relationship delivering a range of talks, judging competitions and running workshops at highly discounted rates for club members.

Covid-19 & Beyond

The photographic community still faces a lot of uncertainty. It's not possible to know when & how camera clubs will reopen. And what they will look like moving forward. I still wish to deliver my full range of photography talks and can still do this using modern technology. I am available to deliver all of my talks using the ZOOM platform. I have low-cost options for Camera Clubs and societies to help with the pressures the social restrictions put on finances. If you would like to book a ZOOM Lecture to entertain your members, then please contact me via the contact form. [Contact Form]

Available Talks

monovisionadMono Vision

An evening celebrating monochrome photography. I will move on through a basic introduction to my background and proceed to display work from general monochrome landscapes, aviation, and finally my Dartmoor 20 Project. During the talk, I will explain my use of photographic style to and that personal touch to the image, describe the elements or features in the landscape that I am drawn to photograph. And use a couple of before and after processing examples. The talk is divided into approximately two 45 minute segments, but this depends a little on audience participation and questions - something I am keen on!

 Indiscussion Photography LectureIn Discussion

A generic talk covering my full range of photographic interests - I will include landscape and aviation photography both in colour and monochrome, plenty of opportunities are available for audience participation. Due to the loose structure of this talk timing are more flexible in general I will aim for two 45 minute segments.

 An Evening With Brian Northmore PhotographyAn Evening With Brian Northmore Photography

This presentation follows on chronological from In Discussion with around new photographs taken since In Discussion was released in 2018. Using a brand new format for Photography Presentations I mix Video, music, and traditional live presenter formats to show off my work including Creative, Aviation, and my favourite Landscape photographs and Locations. Questions are encouraged throughout, to provide a lively and stimulating talk.


I am also available to judge and critique your work. I prefer to judge Landscape and open competitions, as these best suit the type of work I most familiar with, but please contact me with your requests I will consider all genres. I can judge both Digitally projected images and prints. Smaller entries are preferred as I take time to consider each image carefully and like to provide a worthwhile critique to the club and individual.

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