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Dartmoor 20 Portfolio

Welcome to my Dartmoor 20 Project. This idea was born around 2010. With a simple plan to create a portfolio of my 20 favourites Monochrome Dartmoor Photographs. I was looking for a local subject that I could return to time and again, that was close to home. I have strong connections with the National Park, and now continue the project living within its boundaries. The Dartmoor 20 Project has expanded way beyond its original boundaries. I now not only maintain the portfolio, but you will also find location guides and walks that may be of interest to photographers and visitors. I also run Photography workshops for all levels within the National Park but are especially suited to beginners who want to learn what and why and how of controlling your camera. I regularly lecture at local camera clubs and local groups, my Dartmoor Photography always features in these talks. Enjoy the images and information. I am always pleased to hear from visitors so please contact me if you have any questions.


Friday, 24 April 2020