Dartmoor 20 Photography Portfolio

Dartmoor 20 Photography Walks

Dartmoor 20 Photography Walks

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The core of the Dartmoor 20 Project is to maintain a portfolio of my 20 top Dartmoor Photographs. The Main Portfolio is centered around the Black and White Portfolio where the project was origianly started. The project has grown beyond it's original scope and now includes additional galleries. The Monochrome gallery is very simillar to the Black and White gallery and will include some photographs that are copies but mofified by toning. Colour is self explanatory and speaks for itself. Impressions is a different creative approach to Dartmoor Photography

Dartmoor 20 Black and White Portfolio

Darmoor 20 Black & White Portfolio

This is where the project began. The original concept: A Gallery of 20 favourite Black and White Dartmoor Photographs updated as and when new and in my opinion more successful photographs are made.

Black and white photography still remains my main passion, and when ever I am making new photographs this is my first port of call, I only consider other photographic media, if Black and White is not the best option.


Dartmoor 20 Monochrome Portfolio

Darmoor 20 Monochrome Portfolio

You may well as what is the difference? Monochrome is a photograph that has been made and treated in such a way that it has one tone. Most of the photographs in this gallery are conversions from their Black and White counterparts. Often adding a warm tone to a Photograph enhances the mood or feel, warmth can make the photograph more appealing and welcoming than hard steel greys, blacks and whites. It can also be used to good effect to add an old timeless feel to a photograph so often helps with the mood where the photograph has old building and the like included in the composition


Dartmoor 20 Colour Portfolio

Darmoor 20 Colour Portolio

Not all photographs transfer well as Mono photographs, sometimes the tone are too similar and the image becomes a muddy grey and indistinct representation. Sometimes early morning and evening the colours and feel of the golden hour can only be captured with colour. Sometimes a photograph works well in both Mono and Colour, so why not share both? As the Dartmoor 20 Project expanded it did not seem right to exclude locations and photographs and people from enjoying them because they don’t work as Black and White photographs.


Dartmoor 20 Impression Portfolio

Darmoor 20 Impressions Portfolio

Although I take traditional colour photographs, I struggle artistically with colour. The dialogue I have with the subject is normally simplified into light, texture, and composition; colour often seems to confuse the original meaning in the photograph, and as a result I don’t connect with the finished work as strongly as a colour image.

When I think about photographing colour I work in the opposite way and try remove the strong forms and structure in the photograph allowing colours to reign supreme. You will find a series of impressionistic photographis in this Portfolio.


 All of the photographs are available to purchase. I also run workshops on Dartmoor National Park. Lecture on Photography at local camera clubs & Judge competitions.

The Author and Photographer does not accept any liability for loss, damage or injury resulting from the use of this website. The descriptions and maps are designed to be an aide to finding good photographic locations in the Dartmoor National Park and should not be use as the sole method of navigation. Take care on Dartmoor, the weather can change fast, the landscape is often featureless and difficult to navigate. Ensure you carry an Ordinance Survey Map and compass at all times and that you can use them. Wear good supportive footwear ideally walking boots and always carry waterproofs drinks and snacks.