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The core of the Dartmoor 20 Project is to maintain a portfolio of my 20 top Dartmoor Photographs. The Main Portfolio is centered around the Black and White Portfolio where the project was origianlyThis project is all about photographing the Dartmoor Park. And as time goes on and I discover interesting locations, I will share them with you on this page. It’s not intended to be used as a workshop. I run those for real, and you can’t beat the live experience of learning about photography and capturing the landscape. What theses guides are is an inside to what you can expect if you choose to visit. Deciding where to go is often the hardest part of getting out so stuck for ideas try one of these. started. The project has grown beyond it's original scope and now includes additional galleries. The Monochrome gallery is very simillar to the Black and White gallery and will include some photographs that are copies but mofified by toning. Colour is self explanatory and speaks for itself. Impressions is a different creative approach to Dartmoor Photography

Foggintor Quarry Photography Guide

Foggintor Quarry

Easily accessible with clear paths following the old railway lines from Princetown rich into the heart of the Quarry. Lots to see and photograph with ruined buildings, the quarry itself now flooded and Dartmoor Ponies roaming free.



Brentorchurch Photography Guide

Brentor Church

Good parking across the road, but care needs to be taken with the traffic! A steep but short climb opens up breathtaking views in all directions. With the Church clinging to the end of the ridge



Tavy Cleave Photography Guide

Waterfall At Tavy Cleave

 If you don’t like long walks, or big hills, but would like to visit rugged and remote Dartmoor this is the place for you. An hours walk from Lane end car park following the level path alongside the leat will bring you to Tavy Cleave Waterfall


 All of the photographs are available to purchase. I also run workshops on Dartmoor National Park. Lecture on Photography at local camera clubs & Judge competitions.

The Author and Photographer does not accept any liability for loss, damage or injury resulting from the use of this website. The descriptions and maps are designed to be an aide to finding good photographic locations in the Dartmoor National Park and should not be use as the sole method of navigation. Take care on Dartmoor, the weather can change fast, the landscape is often featureless and difficult to navigate. Ensure you carry an Ordinance Survey Map and compass at all times and that you can use them. Wear good supportive footwear ideally walking boots and always carry waterproofs drinks and snacks.