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UK Landscape Photography

When the UK Landscape has so much to offer photographers why do so many dream of far flung exotic locations. Landscape like any other subject benefits from an intimate understanding of the peculiarities and subtle nuances of the subject. Living within the Dartmoor National Park, having traveled and photographed in Devon, Cornwall, , and North Wales, I believe I understand the UK Landscape and am able to photograph it sympathetically and covey the true essence of this landscape through my photography.
The UK has many locations worthy of attention from landscape photographers. The few examples below are a small selection of my favourite UK Landscapes. Starting in the North of England and expanding down to the south. 

Lindisfarne Boat Sheds
UK Landscape Photograph, LinidisfarneThe North East of the country is high on scenic locations and history. All along the coast the remains of of our ancient northern defences against aggressors from across the North Sea offer photographers many oppourtunities to capture stunning Landscape and Seascape photographs of the UK. The upturned boat hulls on Lindisfarne or Holly Island are a great popular photographic subject, associated with this part of the UK. The landscape was taken early evening no benefits from the warm side lighting. There is also a sepia and black and white versions in the Uk Landscape Photography Gallery and Shop

Cumbria and the Lake District National Park.
UK Landscape Photography, ButtermereA UK Landscape Photography collection would not be completed without a few iconic landscapes from the Lake District. crossing to the Northwestern side of the UK the Lake District protrudes out into the Irish Sea and is home to some of the first UK Landscape locations in the country. It's beautiful changing light paints the landscape different,y with each passing hour. Here Buttermere can be seen at dawn the sun rising slowly burning away at the mist enshrouding the lake. The cold pre-dawn tones soon give way to an early morning warmth.

Devon and the Dartmoor National Park.
UK Landscape PhotographyThe Landscape of Dartmoor is special to me I have lived exclusively on the edge of the Park for most of my life, and now am fortunate to live just inside its its borders. The UK has many landscapes and Dartmoor offers one of the most barren and bleak, photographing Dartmoor is not easy it requires patience. The old ruins of workers cottages shown here at Foggintor were taken on a cold blustery day, I waited for the wind to form an interesting sky, and the iconic Dartmoor Pony to walk into the bottom of the frame before immortalising this slice of the UK Landscape.

UK Landscape PhotographyThe Cornish landscape is varied with far reaching sea scales along rugged coasts, the scars left by. English China clay mining fill the centre of the county. St Michales mount photographers here as to be one of the most famous landscape locations in the UK. Located in mounts bay and easily accessible at low tide, it is a favourite location and attracts many visitors. As a photographer I prefer to see it early in the morning or just as the sun goes down as in this Landscape. The low warm light illuminates the scene, and it's no accident that the foreground rock mimics the shape of the mount, the diagonal line Bowen leads your eye through the Landscape.

The UK has many more iconic landscapes, to visit and photograph, a selection of these can be found in my Landscape Photography Gallery and Shop