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Aviation Photography

(Airshow Photography)


This is where my fascination with photography began. From 1987 through to the mid 90's I spent more on film for this subject than any other. Photographing aircraft low over the crowd lines fuelled my thirst for photography, as my passion for other subjects grew aircraft photography took a back seat. The decline in numbers of airshows, and sense that I had probably exhausted the subject put slowed my pursuit of runway crowd lines, but I still visit one a year.

My aim with Airshow photography is to create believable photographs of the aircraft. I normally try to exclude the crowd from the photograph, selecting backgrounds in advance and waiting for the aircraft to fly or taxi into them the stage is set at Airshow, it's all about picking the best part of it. There are more tips on my Airshow Photography Blog 


F4U Corsair

F4U Corsair The Corsair was operated by the United States Navy and Marine Corps. With its distinctive gull shaped wings, which fold for carrier operations, and large radial engine it is easily recognisable. I was lucky to find a low position on the crowd line where I could photograph the departing aircraft as it taxied past. The low viewpoint adds to the feeling of power that is emitted from this figure, making it stand out as the warbird she truly is, a touch of warm toning and grain adds to the vintage feel of the image. A wider selection of Vintage Prop aircraft are available to purchase from the Gallery / Shop



Spitfire 2 seat variant In September 1940 the average age of a pilot in RAF fighter command was 20, there was 1462 young men defending the air space over England. This photograph of a spitfire waiting to take its place on the runway, agricultural fields in the background, and sepia toning complete the illusion of September 1940. View the full collection and purchase prints of World War II fighters in the Gallery



Purchase Images of Lynx Helicopter and other aircraft The Yeovilton Airshow has a spectacular finale, ground troops, pyrotechnics, and the mass helicopter assault. Lynx helicopters provide close support over the landing zones, clouds of black smoke rise from the battle field. A great stage for photographing the Royal Navy Lynx Helicopter. A Range of Various aviation images are available to view in the gallery


Red Arrows

Red Arrows Opposition Pair Crossover An Airshow in the UK is not complete without the appearance of the Red Arrows. The deep red striking against blue skies and grey. Precision flying, dramatic head on opposition manoeuvres. Capturing the point when opposition pair cross in front of each other was always a test of my reactions. Aerobatic display avaition images can be purchased in the Gallery



Vulcan Bomber XH558 1950’s cold war technology was sent to send a message to Argentina in 1982 during the Falklands war, RAF Vulcan bombers performed a role for which they were never designed, crossing 8000 miles of Ocean to deliver regular iron bombs at low level on the runway at Port Stanley. The Vulcan bomber with its Iconic shape, fighter like handling and the famous howl of the engines at full throttle is a favourite aircraft to photograph at Airshows. There is a full set of Vulcan Bomber photographs in colour, black and white and sepia in the gallery for sale.