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Sports and Action Photography

 V8 Racing Cars in a spin at Castle Combe Circuit


Americas Cup, Korean Entry, Plymouth EnglandMy sports photography focuses purely on the photograph and not the sport. The point of the photograph is not the subject it is the photograph - it could be framed as fine art sports photography.

The photograph of the Korean entry in the Americas cup was taken when the series visited Plymouth England. The aim of my photography at this event was to capture original photographs using in camera techniques that no other photographer was doing. I wanted my photographs tom stand out an be different to the others. I avoided the capsize pictures and crossing the finish line and threw out the rule book. The sports photograph of the Americas cup race on this page was taken at a slow shutter speed and processed to give a high key effect.


Living in Devon England, gives me access to a wide range of country sports. England has a massive point to point horse racing calendar, and Devon gets its fair share of the action. These photographs show the horses and riders at what I believe is the point when all of the speed, power and skill come together in a single moment; jumping the fence. Timing is Critical.

Sport does not have to be fast. And this mono Rendition of ballooning is not how balloons are traditionally photographed - colour would be the normal media employed.

Point to Point Racing Photograph    Tavistock Balloon Festival Photograph

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