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The core of the Dartmoor 20 Project is to maintain a portfolio of my 20 top Dartmoor Photographs. The Main Portfolio is centered around the Black and White Portfolio where the project was origianly started. The project has grown beyond it's original scope and now includes additional galleries. The Monochrome gallery is very simillar to the Black and White gallery and will include some photographs that are copies but mofified by toning. Colour is self explanatory and speaks for itself. Impressions is a different creative approach to Dartmoor Photography

Dartmoor 20 Black and White Portfolio

Darmoor 20 Black & White Portfolio

This is where the project began. The original concept: A Gallery of 20 favourite Black and White Dartmoor Photographs updated as and when new and in my opinion more successful photographs are made.

Black and white photography still remains my main passion, and when ever I am making new photographs this is my first port of call, I only consider other photographic media, if Black and White is not the best option.


Dartmoor 20 Monochrome Portfolio

Darmoor 20 Monochrome Portfolio

You may well as what is the difference? Monochrome is a photograph that has been made and treated in such a way that it has one tone. Most of the photographs in this gallery are conversions from their Black and White counterparts. Often adding a warm tone to a Photograph enhances the mood or feel, warmth can make the photograph more appealing and welcoming than hard steel greys, blacks and whites. It can also be used to good effect to add an old timeless feel to a photograph so often helps with the mood where the photograph has old building and the like included in the composition


Dartmoor 20 Colour Portfolio

Darmoor 20 Colour Portolio

Not all photographs transfer well as Mono photographs, sometimes the tone are too similar and the image becomes a muddy grey and indistinct representation. Sometimes early morning and evening the colours and feel of the golden hour can only be captured with colour. Sometimes a photograph works well in both Mono and Colour, so why not share both? As the Dartmoor 20 Project expanded it did not seem right to exclude locations and photographs and people from enjoying them because they don’t work as Black and White photographs.


Dartmoor 20 Impression Portfolio

Darmoor 20 Impressions Portfolio

Although I take traditional colour photographs, I struggle artistically with colour. The dialogue I have with the subject is normally simplified into light, texture, and composition; colour often seems to confuse the original meaning in the photograph, and as a result I don’t connect with the finished work as strongly as a colour image.

When I think about photographing colour I work in the opposite way and try remove the strong forms and structure in the photograph allowing colours to reign supreme. You will find a series of impressionistic photographis in this Portfolio.


 All of the photographs are available to purchase. I also run workshops on Dartmoor National Park. Lecture on Photography at local camera clubs & Judge competitions.

About The Dartmoor 20 Project.

Welcome to my Dartmoor 20 Project. This idea was born around 2010. With simple plan to create a portfolio of my 20 favourite Monochrome Dartmoor Photographs. I was looking for a local subject that I could return to time and a again, that was close to home. I have strong connections with the National Park, and now continue the project living within it's boudaries. The Dartmoor 20 Poject has exapnded way beyond it's original boundaries. I now not only mantain the portfolio, you will find location guides and walks that may be of interest to photographers and visitors. I also run Photography workshops for all levels within the National Park, but are especialy suited to beginers who want to learn the what and why and how of controling your camera. I regularly lecture at local camera clubs and local groups, my Dartmoor Photography always features in these talks. Enjoy the images and information. I am always pleased to here from visitors so please contact me if you have any questions.

Latest news and events below. I am always looking for new and interesting events to collaborate on so if you have anything you would like me to participate in please contact me. I am available to provide images and text for publication in news papers and magazines. Am happy to supply images to online stores / gallerys. I have a number of photography talks booked during the camera club season, but can also put on talks other groups that may be interested. I am also a WCPF photographic judge and am happy to provied judging services for your photography competition.


I have many years expereince as a photographer and am pleased to be able to pass on my knowledge and experience. I achieve this by sharing my photography, answering questions, and giving critiques and advice on social media. I also run one on one photography workshops. It was through inspiring and informative talks from talented photographers that I got a lot of my knowledge. I am now very pleased to be able to do the same a support camera clubs and other interested groups by doing the same.

Available Talks

monovisionadMono Vision

An evening celebrating monochrome photography. I will move on through a basic introduction to my background and proceed to display work from general monochrome landscapes, aviation, and finally my Dartmoor 20 Project. During the talk I will explain my use of photographic style to and that personal touch to the image, describe the elements or features in the landscape that I am drawn to photograph. And use a couple of before and after processing examples. The talk is devided into approximatley two 45 minute segments, but this depends a little on audience participation and questions - something I am keen on!

 Indiscussion Photography LectureIn Discussion

A generic talk covering my full range of photographic interests - I will include landscape and aviation photograhy both in colour and monochrome, plenty of oppourtunity is available for audiene participation. Due to the lose structure of this talk timing are more flexible in general I will aim for two 45 minute segments.

 An Evening With Brian Northmore PhotographyAn Evening With Brian Northmore Photography

This presentation follows on chronological from In Discussion with around new photographs taken since In Discussion was released in 2018. Using a brand new format for Photography Presentations I mix Video, music, and traditional live presenter formats to show off my work including Creative, Aviation and my favourite Landscape photographs and Locations. Questions are encouraged throughout, to provide a lively and stimulating talk.


I am also available to judge and critique your work. I prefer to judge Landscape and open competitions, as these best suit the type of work I most familiar with, but please contact me with your requests I will consider all genre. I am able judge both Digitaly projected images and prints. Smaller entries are prefered as I take time to consider each image carefully and like to provide a worthwhile critique to the club and individual.

Reviews and Feedback

I have had positive feedback on my talks, and have been kindly given permision to display these comments:


"I’m writing on behalf of Torbay Photographic Society to thank you for your presentation to our Club last Wednesday. The landscapes of Dartmoor were incredible and I have been to most of the locations that you had photographed which was really interesting so see how you had turned the images into black and white showing great detail. Once again thank you and we hope to see you at some time in the future."

"Thank you very much Brian on behalf of Club Focus members for an excellent evenings presentation of your work, which was diverse, interesting ,well presented and hosted by your good self, we shall look forward to you returning next year with a new presentation."

"Wow, what a brilliant evening you provided for us. Your talk was spot on the money for our club, as we have a wide range of skills and interests represented across our membership. Personally, I was inspired to try more monochrome photography as a result - not soemthing I normally consider. Your content and delivery was also appreciated and I heard many positive comments during several discussio after the meeting Thanks again and enjoy your cups of coffe. (Programme Secretary - Exeter Camera Club"


"We thought the evening went brilliantly and the througout the evening you gave very relevant and constructive  comments that should actully improve the photography of the club. You had clearly spent considerbale time in reviewing the images and this showed in your presentation." (Honorary Secretary - Plymstock Camera Club)

 My Needs Are Simple!

I will require the use of a laptop (PC or MAC), Digital Projector and Screen. My digital files are converted and imbeded with sRGB industry standard colour profile so should display well on a calibrated display.  I prefer to use Powerpoint or Keynote, the presentation are also available as Jpg slide shows. I have small selection of prints available to display, for people to view during the interval.

Camera clubs are often challenged by thier finances and for this reason and that I only seek to cover my photography and travel costs my fees are kept to a mnimum. Fees are calculated per event and I will be happy to provide a cost to you if you are interested.


The Vulcan Bomber XH558

A Photographic Tribute


 Vulcan Bomber Taxi and Hold Ready for Take Off

Vulcan Bomber Showing her mighty Delta WingThe Atomic age was announced violently with the dropping of two atomic bombs on Japan, shortening and ending the second world war but ushering in the the beginnings of the Cold War; an uneasy peace made possible not by reducing weapons, but the creation of weapons so powerful that fear of them prevented there use.
Vulcan Bomber Bombs Gone, sepia toned printThe Vulcan bomber photographed on this page was Great Britain's answer to the nuclear deterrent. For 24 hours a day 7 days a week RAF crews stood on quick reaction alert ready to take off in the event of Soviet attack delivering either Hydrogen bombs or the Nuclear tipped Blue Steel Missile. In 1969 the Navy took over the nuclear deterrent role. But Vulcan continued in other roles, including conventional bombing. In 1982 two bombing raids were made on the runways at Port Stanley on the Falkland islands, the only time the Vulcan had ever been used in anger. Flying 12500Km and taking nearly 16 Hrs, supported by 7 refuelling missions, it was a near impossible sortie the Vulcan had never been designed for. By 1984 only 2 Vulcans remained in RAF Service.
Vulcan Bomber photographXH558 Continued in RAF Service until 1993 as a display aircraft, amazing crowds and delighting photographers. Sold to private investors she was eventually returned to flight. Sadly 2015 sees the end of her time in the air, and after a career that began in 1960 it would not be right to endanger pilots, spectators or aircraft - far better to bow out gracefully and be enjoyed on the ground.
Vulcan Bomber Monochrome photographThese photographs have been produced during her last display season. For me photographs of the Vulcan and all subjects need to be more than just a record. these Vulcan photographs try to capture the character of the aircraft. Vulcan in flight showing off her unique features and lines. Classic monochrome photographs in black and white capture her shape and form against a lightly textured sky, warm sepia toned variations hint at her 1950’s vintage, leaving a dirty smoke trail in her wake. There are also colour photographs of Vulcan XH558 as she is now photographs against grey skies, bomb doors open and showing the sunlight picking out the edges of the mighty delta wing.
Vulcan bomber Landing
Vulcan Bomber XH558, A Photographic Tribute